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Lilith's Fury, Born of Gods, Book 1 releases exclusively through Amazon March 1st, 2019 at just US$9.33 paperback and 99c e-book. Kindle readers can download for free.

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Whispers of The Realm

Candra still had control issues despite the acquisition of wings and status of Celestial, which is how she found herself in the shadows of the Mortal Realm, watching and protecting her beloved sister.  Haunted by memories of her human past, Teahra is granted permission to go back, and lead a blood and tears existence on the earthly plane.  She finds herself returned with other Soul Wanderers, stripped of all powers, left to the mercy of the darkness she once fought.


But remnants of her Celestial origins remain, and when she sings the beauty of her song is heard by Samara, Vicereine of the Vanquished.  The bitter Higher Being is all too familiar with Celestials, they are the children of her sister Solis, and she desires nothing more than to see the destruction of them all.  Seizing the opportunity, she dispatches Crawlers to abduct Teahra, but they unexpectedly encounter Candra, who strikes a bargain, which the Vicereine just couldn’t refuse.  Deranged, Samara relishes sharing her plans of revenge with Candra, while trying to appease a homegrown thorn in the side, her boss Dhurla Bleaker, Prima of the Vanquished. 


Candra’s disappearance is the catalyst for a gathering of the Clans in the Realm, where unexpected news is delivered, ultimately taking them to the picturesque village of Flytes Bagot in the heart of the English countryside.  As the struggle between light and dark reaches a climax, a new ally comes forth whose powers outmatch them all, and love so pure and yet forbidden will be revealed, all while some still fight to make peace with their past.






Lilith's Fury
Born of Gods - Book 1

Release date MARCH 1st, 2019

It’s only when death comes calling Lilith learns the truth - she isn’t mortal.

She’d always been bad news, had never fit in. Not at school, parties, church or work. She couldn’t hold a job. Loved to drink and brawl. It was clear she was no lady. Her mother said she had spirit; her Pa, that she was a looker.

Now she knew why. She was a god. The only issue was they’d betrayed her.

The gods of Olympus. Those who she killed for, on the eve of victory. It left a lousy taste in her mouth. Zeus took Lilith’s essence and sealed it in a key; stripped her of everything then banished her to their mortal playground. Tossed into a never-ending cycle of life and death, Fury, her faithful companion, held on for the ride.

But the gods hadn’t counted on the keeper of the keys turning traitor. Now they needed Lilith’s help. The deal was: kill the keeper and get it all back. Lilith had no problem killing him; she’d do it for free. But trusting the Olympians? That was another matter.






Secrets of Silverthorne Priory
A Short Story Fantasy 
Out Now!


For millennia Silverthorne Priory has guarded the sisters' secrets allowing them to live in peace.

Fleeing Crozerat, the crazed, tyrannical warlock, the Silvers of Sharndock lead a life without magic.  There are many things the Silvers fear;  Crozerat finding them, using the gift, but most of all it is the fear of themselves and the power they own.


Behind a sea of mist and Priory walls, they hide; following a sober, solitary existence.  The illusion is a success as they remain unnoticed and undiscovered; until Isabel.  Descended of the Silver line, the young woman is not all she appears when she arrives seeking refuge.  Isabel has secrets of her own.  Shaken she could breach the mist and wards, the sisters take Isabel not to the Priory, as she’d hoped, but to the cairn.  The fear which goads them demands to know if she’s friend or foe.  During questioning Isabel’s spirit leaves her body, crossing to the Glade of Souls, a place of judgment for their kind.


As Isabel discovers answers, the sisters' secrets start to unravel, forcing them to confront the dread in their hearts.  They must find the courage to use the gift or perish at the hands of Crozerat.  The magic is quickly needed as Crozerat appears, driven mad by the passage through the mist.  Realizing only a unified coven will vanquish the warlock the sisters join together, but the biggest and most surprising secret is yet to come.





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